Event Planning Notes: Senior Recognition

source: Cindy Cavett & Jan Detrick

Timelines / Tasks

  • numbers of seniors
    • 2008: 120 band students, 35 seniors
  • complete MHS room use form at the beginning of the year
  • order cake (2008: ordered 2 full sheet cakes—one white, one chocolate from Niemann's)
    • suggest giving the bakery a diagram of how the cake should be scored with the seniors' first names on individual pieces
    • this amount of cake was barely enough (pieces got a little smaller at the end, but it was fine)
  • order flowers
    • flag girls receive flowers since they do not get the cord like the rest of the band; tried to keep it around $5.00 each
    • suggest putting together a small bouquet for each girl
  • beverages – suggest punch of Hawaiian Punch and Sprite; used a punch bowl and froze the Punch so it was a bit slushy, then added the Sprite (or 7-Up
    • 2008: bought 6 gallons of punch and 3 2-liter bottles of soda; had only one gallon left
  • pitchers of ice water (filling pitchers at the water fountain, while possible, proved difficult)
  • table decorations – orange plastic tablecloths; simple, additional decorations, if possible


  • Because Boosters does not have access to the MHS kitchen, organizers should make sure to have everything they need, including serving utensils and ice.
  • 2 long tables for cake
  • one round table for punch bowl and filled cups
  • plates – needed around 140 plates (2008); ended up using a few napkins
  • cups (2008: used 200 cups)
  • napkins (2008: used around 100 napkins); purchased orange and black napkins after graduation time at a reduced price
  • purchased 2 large plastic orange tablecloths after graduation time at a reduced price
  • forks (2008: 150 to be on the safe side)
  • M&Ms, orange and black; bags might also include other colors that can be separated
  • ice
  • pitchers
  • punch bowl
  • cutting knives
  • cake servers
  • M&M bowls with small serving spoons