Fruit and Cupcake Delivery



Macomb Band Boosters,

Thank you to those who supported the Macomb Bomber Band through our recent Fruit & Cupcake Sale! Now it's time to get those delectable delights delivered to you!

The distribution date is Saturday, December 12. Student sellers will be able to pick up their fruit and cupcake orders beginning at noon on Saturday. Plan on receiving your order that same afternoon. Please touch base with your seller to make delivery arrangements if you haven't already done so.

Important—If you plan to serve your cupcakes during the holidays, the cupcakes MUST be kept frozen until then. The cupcakes will be frozen when they are delivered to us on the 12th. Once you receive your cupcakes, simply store them in a freezer until you plan to serve them (3 hours to thaw).

If you have any questions, you may contact Monica Torrance via email or (309) 836-2729. Thank you for your support!

Andrea Williams
Macomb Band Boosters

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