Macomb Bomber Band Fruit & Cupcake Sale!



Have you placed your cupcake order yet? There is still time-the final turn-in date for the Bomber Band Cupcake Sale is this Friday, November 20!

Flavors offered through our sale. Orders can be placed with any MSHS band student; please make all checks payable to the Macomb Band Boosters. Band students receive 50% of the profits from both their fruit and cupcake sales. This profit will go directly into his or her individual account to offset expenses for their next band trip.

The Bomber Band Fruit Sale ends on Monday, November 30. Attached is the fruit offerings and order form.

***The fruit and cupcake distribution date is Saturday, December 12.***

Orders may be turned in to Mr. Mattsey or Monica Torrance. Please feel free to direct any questions to Mr. Mattsey or Monica Torrance. Thank you for your support of the Macomb Bomber Band!

Andrea Williams
Macomb Band Boosters

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