All District Bands


Congratulations to the following students for making All District:

Band (Junior Level)

  • Clara Barlay (Alto Sax)
  • Anabelle Clark (French Horn)
  • McKenna Gabbei (Tuba)
  • Miron Liu (Alto Sax)
  • Bennett Walker (Tuba)
  • Richard Engel (Percussion)

Band (Senior Level)

  • Bella Blankenship (Clarinet)
  • William Bordowitz (Trumpet)
  • Elizabeth Briney (Flute)
  • Mark Buren (Tuba)
  • Collin Burns (Euphonium)
  • Caleb Cook (Tuba)
  • Grant Depoy (Trombone)
  • Sam Dial (Trumpet)
  • Erica Lenardt (Clarinet)
  • Matthew Lueck (Trumpet)
  • Gabrielle Torrance (Bassoon)
  • Zachary Zahnle (French Horn)
  • Theodore Li (Percussion)

Orchestra (Senior Level)

  • Jordan Fansler (Trombone)
  • Rachel Olsen (Flute)

These students will perform at the All District Festival at WIU on Saturday, November 1.

Andrea Williams
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